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Responsible employer

Mirosław Kochalski

In 2015, our human resources policy was focused on implementing a strategy based on three pillars: competent, dedicated and motivated employees, properly selected and effective tools supporting HR processes, and efficient organisation. Our efforts have been recognised by independent institutions, which awarded a number of accolades to PKN ORLEN, including, once again, the prestigious Top Employers Polska 2015 certificate for our HR policy.

Mirosław Kochalski Vice-President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, Corporate Affairs

a) Employment, HR policy and programmes at the ORLEN Group

Under the Company’s strategy one of the key pillars of its business are People. The key elements of the HR strategy include:

Key elements of the strategy

In 2015, the ORLEN Group’s workforce management policy revolved around three key aspects – consolidation of companies, workforce optimisation and development projects.

The first element concerned consolidation of companies within the Group (ORLEN Serwis, ORLEN Południe, ORLEN Paliwa, among others) and asset acquisition by PKN ORLEN (including bitumen and oil processing units). As part of these processes employees were transferred to new or surviving entities. The second aspect was restructuring processes, including implementation of a four-shift work schedule at the ORLEN Group and workforce optimisation at the other companies, chiefly in the ORLEN Lietuva Group and at ORLEN Oil. The third area comprised development activities associated with the expanding scale of operations, primarily in the areas of plant maintenance (ORLEN Serwis) and production (ORLEN Upstream Group). As a result of the initiatives undertaken in these areas the ORLEN Group’s workforce decreased by 373 persons, down to 19 932 as at the end of 2015.

In 2015, the Policy for the Management of the Potential of ORLEN Group Employees was updated. The Policy set the direction of activities undertaken by the ORLEN Group in 2015.

Workforce at the ORLEN Group as at the end of 2014 and 2015

  2014 2015
PKN ORLEN 4 543 4 651
ANWIL GROUP 2 843 1 939
6 338 5 621
TOTAL 20 305 19 932

All PKN ORLEN employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. Collective Bargaining Agreements have also been executed by several other ORLEN Group companies.

Structure of the ORLEN Group workforce by type of job in 2015

Persons employed in total
Employment of women and men in management and supervisory boards
The age profile of the ORLEN Group Supervisory Board does not take into account two foreign nationals who are members of the Supervisory Board of Basell ORLEN Polyolefins.

Key HR data for 2015

Workforce at PKN ORLEN
*Workforce as at December 31st 2015. The number of employees includes persons with ‘suspended’ status, i.e. those on parental, unpaid, rehabilitation or maternity leaves.

Ratio of women’s base pay to men’s base pay by position at PKN ORLEN’s key locations in 2015

Position %
Clerk 95%
Production process operator -
Account manager 110%
Specialist 101%
Sales representative 105%
Other 104%
Production process foreperson 92%
Production support engineer -
Sales manager 99%
Manager 101%
Director 119%

Men’s and women’s pay by position as percentage of the average base pay at PKN ORLEN in 2015

Position Women Men
  98.7% 100.4%
Clerk 59% 56%
Production process operator - 66%
Account manager 67% 73%
Specialist 91% 92%
Sales representative 95% 100%
Other 84% 87%
Production process foreperson 121% 112%
Production support engineer - 93%
Sales manager 113% 112%
Manager 158% 159%
Director 348% 415%

Ratio of the average base pay at the lowest pay grade* to statutory minimum pay in Poland in 2015


* In accordance with the PKN ORLEN Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover during the reporting period, by age group, gender and region.

Total number of new employees in 2015: 522

Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover during the reporting period, by age group, gender and region.

Total redundancies in 2015: 415

Total redundancies in 2015
Return to work and turnover rates after parental leave at PKN ORLEN, by gender
the total number of employees entitled to parental leave is not known – the employees are not required to notify such entitlement -
total number of employees that took parental leave in 2015 49
including women 49
total number of employees who returned to work after parental leave ended in 2015 40
including women 40
total number of employees who returned to work after parental leave and who were still employed twelve months after their return to work – the analysed period was 2015
(twelve months of service until December 31st 2015)
including women 27
rate of return to work of employees who took parental leave 81.63%
turnover rate of employees who took parental leave 0.86%

Minimum time for notification of significant operational changes

Pursuant to the PKN ORLEN Collective Bargaining Agreement and the agreement on the terms of collaboration with social partners in carrying out restructuring processes at Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. and on employee rights in respect of these processes, concluded on March 27th 2006 in Płock, the trade unions represented at PKN ORLEN are to be informed of any planned restructuring processes in advance, a specified number of days prior to such processes taking place. Depending on the process, this notification period may be:

  1. 45 days – for any of the following restructuring processes:
    a. establishment of a new entity to take over a part of PKN ORLEN’s operations or PKN ORLEN as an employer within the meaning of Art. 231 of the Labour Code,
    b. transfer to another entity of a part of PKN ORLEN’s operations or PKN ORLEN as an employer within the meaning of Art. 231 of the Labour Code;
  2. 35 days – for restructuring processes resulting in mass redundancies within the meaning of the Act on Special Rules Governing Termination of Employment for Reasons Not Attributable to Employees of March 13th 2003 (the “Act on Special Termination Rules”);
  3. 20 days – for less extensive restructuring processes, for which PKN ORLEN S.A. plans individual redundancies on grounds specified in the Act on Special Termination Rules (either through employment contract termination or by mutual agreement, or involving amendment to working conditions or terms of remuneration through a notice of termination amending the contract of employment), where such terminations affect between 15 and 29 employees in a 30 day period;
  4. 7 days – for reorganisation of an organisational unit or task team, where PKN ORLEN S.A. plans individual redundancies on grounds specified in the Act on Special Termination Rules (either through employment contract termination or by mutual agreement), where such redundancies affect no more than 14 employees in a 30 day period.

The notification periods are longer than those specified in Polish law (for processes considered in items 1 and 2). Although not legally bound to do so, we provide trade unions with information on less extensive restructuring processes (item 3) and reorganisation processes (item 4), which shows that the Company collaborates with the social partners in a transparent manner and in accordance with the principles of social dialogue.

PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Group companies carry out employee commitment and satisfaction surveys and launch follow-up initiatives aimed at, among other things, implementing enhancement measures and improving areas where survey results suggested room for such improvement.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Shaping the value-driven organisational culture which takes into account diversity aspects is included in the HR Strategy and the CSR Strategy.

The Company has adopted good practices aiming at inclusion of diversity management, innovation and focus on the natural environment in the Company’s development programmes. Diversity aspects are taken into account during the process of staff recruitment, remuneration and development (training and workshops on the management of diversity and cultural differences), as well as the survey of employee engagement and satisfaction. The Company has appointed the Ethics Officer and a team responsible for coordinating actions taken to prevent discrimination and mobbing and responsible for managing diversity across the Group.

Moreover, the remuneration policy applied at PKN ORLEN and across the ORLEN Group does not differentiate between men and women. All employees, regardless of their gender, are treated equally. The base pay in a given job position is within the pay grade specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (PKN ORLEN). When determining individual employee remuneration, the employer takes into account such criteria as qualifications, professional experience and performance assessment (effects of employee’s work).

Recruitment policy

In 2015, the ORLEN Group continued its recruitment policy focusing on attracting highly qualified experts whose knowledge and skills, together with the experience and professionalism of the existing staff, would ensure the continuity and highest quality of the Group’s business processes.

Mobility policy was implemented to support the internal recruitment process across the Company and ensure that key competencies are retained within the Group.

In implementing the recruitment policy, the Company put a focus on attracting people whose values and attitudes are convergent with PKN ORLEN’s ethical values and codes of conduct.

The ORLEN Group also worked closely with the academic community to inspire students and graduates’ interest in the activities described above. We participated in job fairs at universities of technology and helped students and graduates gain hands-on job experience by organising internship and work placement programmes. We also carried out educational projects in the form of student workshops.

The Adaptation Programme, which allows new employees to familiarise themselves with ORLEN Group operations and its organisational culture, was continued. Besides an introductory meeting and workshops with experts, under the Adaptation Programme employees also took part in two e-learning programmes – one covering both Group history and current organisational and employee issues, the other focusing on our values and code of conduct.

Professional development and training

To pave the way for employees’ professional development and the sharing of knowledge and experience, we rolled out initiatives to facilitate employees’ participation in interdisciplinary projects, further engagement in mobility, self-improvement, and teamwork in implementation of the best practices and uniform standards.

2015 saw the launch of the Opportunities Market web portal, serving as a platform for exchanging information on employees’ skills and competencies which could be developed in other areas across the organisation.

PKN ORLEN’s activities in professional development and training were focused both on enhancing employee qualifications to meet the business goals and on developing the desired corporate culture supporting implementation of our strategy and increasing employee engagement. The leading themes in 2015 were: diversity management, engagement and innovation. To that end, we used a variety of communication methods, including workshops, discussion panels, inspirational meetings, and peer mentoring, depending on the needs of specific employee groups.

As part of leadership development, we launched the Leader Zone (Strefa Lidera) programme –a multi-module leadership development programme carried out in the form of workshops for the management designed to improve their skills in team management, development of team potential based on diversity, enhancement of team engagement and innovativeness, as well as building managers’ authority. Managers were also given a chance to participate in training focused on building partner-based relations driven by the feedback culture, building leader self-awareness in the context of emotional intelligence, and enhancing knowledge on key HR tools for managers. In 2015, as part of the Leader Zone programme, the Company also launched development projects for female managers in the form of a discussion panel on the role of women in business, with the involvement of experts in motivation, diversity management, and business psychology. Under the same category, we carried out personal development workshops devoted to achieving personal goals.

2015 also saw the continuation of themed Vector lectures for employees, and introduction of new motivational meetings with experts from various fields, which involved thought-provoking discussions, encouraged opening up to different viewpoints, and inspired our employees to pursue their individual development targets. Lectures revolved around themes such as stimulation of creativity, implementation of innovative solutions, business ethics and values, building of partnership-based communication, diversity management, or corporate wellness in general.

Main development-related issues were also reflected in the proposed skill-building workshops. As part of the Toolbox (Narzędziownik) programme, employees were offered a chance to develop their skills related to working in diverse teams, enhancing innovativeness in day-to-day work, development of presentation skills, prevention of negative effects of shift work, and promotion of healthy practices at the workplace.

To support implementation of the strategy, in 2015 the Company launched a new talent programme under the name ORLEN Talent Academy, for n-1 level managers in selected ORLEN Group companies and n-2 level managers at PKN ORLEN.

2015 also saw the launch of a new development tool, the Ex-Change mentoring programme, which is meant to develop the ideas of peer monitoring and reverse mentoring. Under the programme, the Company will build a team of mentors across various areas and enhance their skills to share their knowledge and tap their potential in order to roll out other employee development programmes.

In 2015, the ORLEN Group staff took part in a wide range of training and development activities, including conferences in Poland and abroad, specialist training, international development programmes, as well as M.A., post-graduate and MBA studies. They also continued to learn foreign languages, especially English, as part of the Language Academy and summer English courses.

Our employees also participated in training designed to improve safety at work, including programmes focusing on health and safety and fire protection, chemical rescue, or inspection of technical equipment in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Training and development activities were carried out not only in the form of on-site programmes, but also through our e-learning platform.

Amount of training at PKN ORLEN

The amount of training PKN ORLEN

In 2015, PKN ORLEN trained more than 4 thousand employees, most of whom attended more than one training programme. Overall, more than 12 thousand training units were completed in 2015, with the average of 41 hours of training per employee.

In other key ORLEN Group companies, the figures were as follows:

  • Average hours of training per employee: ORLEN Lietuva** – 49.21; ORLENOchrona – 33; ORLEN Serwis – 22.94; ANWIL* – 24.99; Unipetrol – 18.
  • Average hours of training per employee per level (management/others): ANWIL* – 16.17 / 26.57; ORLEN Lietuva** – 20.31 / 31.94; ORLEN Ochrona – 108 / 32;
  • Average hours of training per employee by gender (F/M): ANWIL* – 8.64 / 27.92; ORLEN Lietuva** – 11.75 / 63.56, ORLEN Ochrona – 24/34;

* ANWIL only

** ORLEN Lietuva only.

Student internships and work placement programmes

We care for the professional development of not only our employees, but also students, university graduates and school leavers by providing them with an opportunity to gain their first professional experience as interns and on work placement programmes.

For years, we have been organising internships as a partner of schools and universities, and by getting involved in nationwide and international competitions. In 2015, PKN ORLEN organised the following paid work placement programmes:

  • The nationwide Grasz o staż (‘Win a Work Placement’) competition, organised by PwC Polska,
  • The nationwide Program Kariera (‘Career Programme’) competition, organised by the Polish Business Roundtable (Polska Rada Biznesu),
  • The Leopolis for future programme, designed to foster international cooperation and enable Ukrainian students to learn the best European working practices in various areas of business and economy,
  • Six monthly internships under the programme Budujemy wartośc polskiej gospodarki. Pracuj dla nas! (‘We build value of Polish economy. Work for us!’), under the auspices of the Ministry of State Treasury,
  • The Company’s proprietary project rolled out at universities and secondary technical schools (including the Płock branch of the Warsaw University of Technology, the School Education Centre (Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji), and AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków) for the best and most active project participants,
  • Group and diploma internships organised as part of PKN ORLEN’s partnership with high schools and universities.

In 2015, we put an even stronger focus on the technical aspects of our internship and work placement programmes, offering our interns and trainees a chance to take an active part in our work and projects – in total, around 100 young people participated in PKN ORLEN’s programmes over the year.

In addition to internships and work placement programmes, the following educational and informational efforts were targeted at students and school pupils in 2015:

  • ORLEN Knowledge Day – a series of meetings at universities held to present the ORLEN Group’s business and innovative projects.
  • Questions about Recruitment − open day with the Recruitment Team, intended to promote openness and access to information, to support the local job market, and to offer educational support;
  • Participation in job fairs: Engineer Job Fair in Warsaw, Student Expo Fair in Warsaw, Job Fair in Płock, Academic Job Fair in Łódź, and AGH University of Science and Technology Job Fair.
  • Participation in the Global Dignity Day (the first edition in 2015) – meetings of the Ethics Officer with secondary school pupils at the School Education Centre (Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji) in Płock and with junior high school pupils at the Sports School Centre (Zespół Szkół Sportowych) in Warsaw.
  • Participation in the Energy, Industry & Oil Summit (EIOS) – a project of knowledge exchange between the Polish industry and academic institutions.
  • Participation in the nationwide Case Week project, during which representatives of the energy, petrochemical and logistics areas prepared and carried out a case study for the students of Warsaw universities.
  • Partnership between the ORLEN Group companies and technical secondary schools to develop school curricula to meet recruitment needs of the ORLEN Group.

Development of the Business Partners’ HR functions

In 2015, work on the development of the HR functions based on the Ulrich model continued.

Development of the Business Partners’ HR functions

We worked to develop the Transaction Centre (TC), which provided services to 30 Group companies at the close of 2015. Twenty-four ORLEN Group companies rolled out the SAP HR solution, and 21 companies now have the Self-Service suite in place. To improve TC’s efficiency, 15 companies adopted process-based work organisation in 2015.

In partnership with Competence Centres, HR Business Partners supported the Company in developing new solutions for:

  • remuneration and bonus systems,
  • improvement of working time organisation,
  • reorganisation processes,
  • competence development,
  • development of employee engagement.

In 2015, eight ORLEN Group companies implemented new solutions in the area of remuneration and bonus systems, and draft documentation was developed for further ten companies.

The second edition of the employee engagement survey was carried out at PKN ORLEN, with additional ten companies included. Having collected employee feedback, we developed and implemented joint employer-employee initiatives, including:

  • simplification of procedures,
  • solutions facilitating employee development and tapping their potential,
  • improvement of communication,
  • CSR initiatives, such as employee volunteering projects.

Social dialogue and employee benefits

The ORLEN Group believes in social dialogue based on independence of the parties, legal compliance, as well as trust, mutual willingness to compromise, and observance of the rules. The rules of social dialogue are founded on internal regulations and generally applicable laws, which facilitates development of constructive and lasting solutions in partnership with employee representatives.

The ORLEN Group offers employee benefits, which include co-financing of employee holidays or sanatorium treatment, childcare, holidays for children and teenagers, and school starter kits. Christmas gifts for employees’ children have already become a tradition across the Group. The employer provides financial support for families with low incomes. Our employees may also apply for the co-financing of recreational and sports activities, cultural and educational activities, or physical therapy treatments, as well as non-repayable allowances and repayable housing loans.

PKN ORLEN offers a uniform employee benefits package to employees of all ORLEN Group companies participating in the joint social benefits programme. Other companies have their own employee benefit programmes in place.

The additional benefits policy applies equally to all employees, regardless of the type of their employment contract (for a fixed or indefinite period) or their working time (full-time or part-time). All personnel employed under employment contracts, whether full-time or part-time, are entitled to benefits from the PKN ORLEN Social Benefits Funds.

Furthermore, PKN ORLEN’s employees participate in the Employee Pension Plan (known as the Third Pillar). The Plan covers all employees working under employment contracts who have worked at the Company for at least three months, regardless of the type of contract.

Group companies covered by PKN ORLEN’s joint social benefits programme (as at April 1st 2016):
Basell ORLEN Polyolefins, CENTRUM Edukacji, ORLEN Administracja, ORLEN Asfalt, ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe, ORLEN Eko, ORLEN KolTrans, ORLEN Centrum UsługKorporacyjnych, ORLEN Laboratorium, ORLEN Ochrona, ORLEN Paliwa, ORLEN Projekt, ORLEN Upstream, ORLEN Serwis, Płocki Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny (the Płock Industry and Technology Park), and Fundacja ORLEN –  Dar Serca (ORLEN Gift from the Heart Foundation).


The Company provides extensive preventive medical care going beyond the traditional scope of occupational medicine, including: consultations with specialists, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, vaccinations, and preventive healthcare programmes offered in cooperation with Centrum MedyczneMedica Sp. z o.o. in Płock and the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. In 2015, workplace preventive examinations were carried out under the Profilaktyka na Wyciagnięcie Ręki (‘Prevention Close at Hand’) project.

Family-Friendly Employer

As a company implementing modern-day solutions aimed at keeping the balance between work and family life, we carried out the ‘Family-Friendly Employer’ project, offering such benefits as additional two days off to care for a child under 3 years old, one additional hour for breastfeeding, quick access to a paediatrician, comprehensive medical care during pregnancy, baby feeding rooms, gifts for newborn children of our employees, and sending Company updates to employees on parental/childcare leaves. Group companies also operated policies designed to ensure work-life balance for their employees. In 2015, a nursery for children of ORLEN Group employees was opened in Płock.

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