a) Charitable ORLEN

The 'PKN ORLEN Charitable Giving Policy' announced in 2008 is our declaration of openness to people and the world around us, our compassion and the desire to help those in need.

The ORLEN Group provides help directly and indirectly, through its ORLEN – Dar Serca Foundation and the ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation. Their initiatives and programmes reflect the priorities of our charitable giving policy. In 2015, the most extensive charity work was undertaken by PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Upstream, IKS Solino and ANWIL. Charity activities were also carried out by other Group companies, including ORLEN Laboratorium, ORLEN Południe, ORLEN OIL, ORLEN Ochrona, ORLEN Serwis, ORLEN Koltrans, ORLEN Transport and ORLEN Projekt.

The ORLEN Group is open to the needs of others, but it also realises that it is not able to help everybody who seeks its support. That is why we follow the priorities set for our charity projects that are to improve the quality of life and health and promote education and youth development. Our donations are predominantly used for health, treatment and educational purposes.

An interesting initiative joined by the Group companies is the programme launched by PKN ORLEN designed to support firefighters from across the country. PKN ORLEN, whose priorities include safety, strives to improve various aspects of safety in Poland. It also appreciates the role of the fire service as an important element of the life of local communities.

Apart from funds, the ORLEN Group also makes in-kind donations. The Group companies help members of their closest environment by making donations of their own products or quality equipment that is no longer used. For example, ANWIL provides its beneficiaries with fertilizers and ORLEN Laboratorium made a contribution of laboratory equipment to a university.

There are two foundations operating within the ORLEN Group. The first is the ORLEN Dar Serca Foundation, established by PKN ORLEN in 2001. It is one of corporate foundations with the longest presence in Poland. In 2014, ANWIL set up a second foundation – the ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation.

The activities of the ORLEN – Dar Serca Foundation are focused on several areas. The most important programme which the Foundation has run since its establishment is aimed at promoting foster families in the form of foster care homes. Its extensive activities in that area serve to improve awareness of such form of foster care and provide practical and financial support. More than 300 Foster Care Homes as well as care and education facilities benefit from the Foundation’s support, which is almost half of all such institutions in Poland. The Foundation provides assistance to the most talented children under its care by offering scholarship programmes, and helps whole families by organising winter and summer holiday recreational activities and providing them with short-term help in the form of donations. Foster parents may improve their qualifications during annual conferences.

The Foundation also runs scholarship programmes. In 2015, the Foundation had six such programmes (excluding those addressed to children under the care of Foster Care Homes and special scholarships). A programme that is very popular on a local scale is 'My Above-Average Interests' for students of colleges and high schools in Płock and its county. Holders of the 'Masters of Chemistry' scholarship include the most talented students, who have outstanding performance in hard sciences, in particular chemistry. The 'LIFE TO THE FULL' programme is addressed to Paralympic athletes, the best Polish athletes with disabilities, and gold medallists from the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London. Scholarships under this programme are awarded to athletes whose success demonstrated that overcoming disability barriers is also possible.

The Foundation also focuses on safety issues by supporting institutions having safety at the core of their mission. Also, for several years the Foundation has conducted a social campaign 'NO TO SMOKE', encouraging people to ensure safety at their own homes and in their closest environment.

In 2015, the Foundation was invited to participate in the 'Report and help' initiative, combining the VITAY loyalty programme and the Yanosik communicator, which provides motorists with information on the situation on the road as well as threats, and allows them to avoid traffic jams. Motorists using the application collected points which PLN ORLEN converted into funds allocated to programmes promoting safety and health. This was yet another social programme in which the members of the VITAY loyalty programme were invited to participate. For several years they could transfer their points to support foster care homes, but the project was later expanded by adding pro-environmental objectives and extending the group of beneficiaries to include foundations focused on environmental care. At that point, PKN ORLEN also launched an educational programme ECO VITAY. Not only does it offer environmental education and fun, but it is also gives PKN ORLEN customers, members of the VITAY programme, the opportunity to redeem their little ecological sins by transferring the collected points to support noble environmental goals.

The Foundation also carries out many activities aimed at promoting culture, science and national traditions. It granted support in the form of financial and in-kind donations and fuel cards chiefly to educational and cultural institutions, parishes, NGOs and commune offices as well as interest clubs organized by those institutions across Poland, with particular focus on the areas of operations shared with the ORLEN Group companies.

Another area of the Foundation’s statutory operations is support for projects promoting sport and physical fitness. Many of its activities in that area are addressed to children and the youth. Donations helped the Foundation’s beneficiaries to organize sports camps, trips to games and tournaments, and purchase sports equipment necessary for professional practice and sports activities.

The ORLEN Dar Serca Foundation implements many own projects. In line with the Charitable Giving Policy it also provides support to charity initiatives undertaken by the ORLEN Group companies. The Foundation attaches particular importance to problems of local communities.

The second foundation is the ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation. ANWIL provides its support to many initiatives whose overriding objective is to improve the quality of healthcare, safety services, education and practising sports. The ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation was established as part of our effort to become a good neighbour of the local community. As of 2014, in line with its mission, which is to support local initiatives to change the future of Włocławek, the Foundation promotes a wide range of projects serving the city’s inhabitants. It helps implement projects in various areas, including education, healthcare, environmental protection, safety, sports, culture and arts. The Foundation provides its assistance to business circles and initiatives designed to improve the economic growth of Włocławek. It particularly focuses on projects addressed to young people.

Grant contests organised by the ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation are open to all organisations which are legal persons and have their registered or representative office in Włocławek. The projects submitted in the contest must meet the Foundation’s statutory objectives and affect the life of the inhabitants of Włocławek. Funding may be granted to projects in many different areas: education, healthcare, sports, environmental protection, promotion of culture and arts, and support for business circles and initiatives aimed at improving the economic growth of Włocławek.

The ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation helps those who are keen on working for the benefit of the local community.

b) Employee Volunteering Programme

Operated since 2004, the Employee Volunteering Programme is designed to reinforce the ORLEN Group’s corporate culture. The corporate values (Responsibility, Development, People, Energy, Reliability) guide us on a daily basis and model the attitudes and behaviour of our employees, which in turn translate into specific social initiatives. 2015 saw the implementation of three new programmes:

  • ‘We have the energy to help’, which provides opportunities to take part in periodic volunteering campaigns organised by the company.
  • ‘It’s a good idea to help’, a grant competition under which PKN ORLEN provides grants to its employees to support their own social initiatives. In 2015, these included renovation of a family group home and rural day care centres, assistance to the Mother and Child Healthcare Institute of Warsaw, refurbishment of a surgery room at an animal shelter, and environmental education.
  • ‘We act together to help’, which offers employee team-building opportunities based on charity activities.

Following a number of changes and expansion of the catalogue of activities, 2015 saw over 50 volunteering campaigns involving 2 500 volunteers − employees of the ORLEN Group.

The PKN ORLEN Employee Volunteering Programme also includes regular campaigns and projects, which have become a fixed element of the Group’s activities. Some noteworthy examples are: the campaign organised in collaboration with the ‘Fundacja Ja Wisła’ Foundation, involving hanging nest boxes in nature reserves along the Vistula river, and aid to the disabled during the Great Gala of Integration. 2015 also featured the 9th edition of the Christmas volunteering initiative ‘Become a Santa Claus’ Helper – Make Someone’s Dreams Come True’, as part of which volunteers from the ORLEN Group realise the dreams of children and teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds. Thanks to our volunteers nearly 700 children spread across 27 care centres in Poland received their dream Christmas gifts. 

Overall, last year nearly 5 000 beneficiaries received help from PKN ORLEN. In many cases, one-off projects turn into recurrent events as volunteers come back to help the same beneficiaries.

c) Corporate Social Responsibility in a wider business environment

PKN ORLEN’s CSR Strategy for 2015–2017 provides that the ORLEN Group’s activities in a wider business environment will focus on three priorities: responsible growth, ethical leadership, and new business areas and innovation.

Implementation of the CSR Strategy by the Group is based on a number of premises. We are aware of the increasing pressure to mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Another vital issue is the development and growing importance of new technologies and their more and more essential role in people’s lives. Stakeholders expect responsible companies to measure and demonstrate the effects and impacts of their business on the social environment. From the perspective of the future, an aspect of crucial relevance is the growing energy requirements.

The ORLEN Group carries out projects of significant importance and widespread impact, and in doing so it is guided by the principle that responsible management makes it possible to exploit opportunities and mitigate risks, including opportunities and risks that are relevant to business development but were not addressed in the past, that is social and environmental ones.

Back in 2003, PKN ORLEN declared its commitment to the principles of the Global Compact. The initiative focuses on four areas of activity: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The Global Compact principles relating to human rights are derived from the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ proclaimed by the United Nations Organisation in 1948, which states that all human beings are equal in dignity and, without distinction of any kind, such as age, sex or colour, are entitled to inalienable rights and freedoms. The principles relating to labour standards are based on the ‘Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work’ made by the International Labour Organization in 1998. The principles aimed at environmental protection stem from the ‘Rio Declaration on Environment and Development’. They are particularly relevant given the challenges posed by the climate change, but also refer to the depletion of natural resources and atmospheric pollution. The last of the Global Compact principles, proclaimed in 2004 during the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, is related to fighting corruption, which is considered one of the great challenges faced by the contemporary world.

The Global Compact principles are reflected in the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN’.

The ORLEN Group’s many years’ involvement with the Responsible Care Programme is another example of our care for the environment. The initiative was joined in 1999 by PKN ORLEN’s legal predecessor, and today is implemented by ANWIL, Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli Solino and Basell Orlen Polyolefins as well as PKN ORLEN. It is important to note that the chemical industry was one of the first sectors of the economy to look for reliable foundations of sustainable development. Responsible Care is a modern environmental management system, launched in Canada in the 1980s. It aims to implement clean and safe technologies, and its activities are supported with transparent communication. In Europe, the Programme is promoted and coordinated by the European Chemical Industry Council. An important objective of the Programme from the perspective of a socially responsible company is active dialogue with the environment and the requirement to implement, record, and monitor key performance indicators for environmental protection, healthcare, process and labour safety.

In 2014, PKN ORLEN signed the ‘Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development’. thus joining the group of companies that have confirmed their readiness to engage in the pursuit of the strategic goals identified in the report entitled ‘Vision of Sustainable Development of Polish Businesses until 2050’. The project draws on the international initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Given the differing development conditions and opportunities of different countries, a separate vision was also defined by each country. Our engagement with this project is a proof of our commitment to the environment we operate in and of responsible thinking about the future. In Poland, the ‘Vision of Sustainable Development of Polish Businesses until 2050’ is a joint initiative of the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Environment, the Responsible Business Forum, and Deloitte, a consultancy, and is meant to integrate Polish companies around the idea of sustainable development. The document presents the position of Poland’s business community, highlighting the civilizational challenges faced by Polish companies as well as the changes needed in Poland to develop in a sustainable manner.

As the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe, we want to initiate a debate on fundamental issues, both economic and social, pertinent to Europe. In 2010, we initiated a project called Future Fuelled by Knowledge. Being the region’s leading company operating across four European markets, we draw on our experience and potential and use these assets to maintain Poland’s position as a key partner for other EU member states. As part of the Future Fuelled by Knowledge initiative, we organise conferences and panel discussions on various subjects, and publish comprehensive expert reports. Since its inception, PKN ORLEN not only implemented a number of internally designed projects but also participated in all major conferences held in Poland. Panel discussions and reports became a regular feature of many events, including the Economic Forum in Krynica, the European Forum for New Ideas and the European Financial Congress in Sopot . The debates are an excellent platform for renowned experts and representatives of business circles from around the world to discuss strategic issues such as the impact of European regulations on the economies and innovation in the Member States, the future of the European social model, or the role of hydrocarbon production from unconventional sources in the development of Poland. Other subjects under analysis included the trilateral relations between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as possible scenarios for the European and Polish energy sectors in view of the growing interest in renewable energy.

Future Fuelled by Knowledge is a long-term initiative geared towards fuelling public debate on a regular basis.

The ORLEN Group carefully monitors any new initiatives supporting long-term sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals announced by the UN in 2015 provide guidelines on how to stimulate economic growth, social development and how to improve the condition of the environment. The agenda under the Goals is to spark development in areas considered to be the most important in the 15 years to come. These include the people, the planet, welfare, peace and partnership. An important element that makes them different from Millennium Development Goals, which are mostly targeted at developing countries, is that they are universal and apply to all countries. It is assumed that the accomplishment of the Goals by 2030 is dependent on joint efforts of state institutions as well as businesses and research organisations.

d) Relations with local communities

In accordance with the CSR Strategy for 2015–2017 , the Company seeks to build the image of the ORLEN Group as an active and reliable partner for the local community, actively promoting positive changes in its environment. To this end, we have implemented a charitable giving policy and incorporate CSR criteria into sponsorship and event projects. The twin priorities of our charitable giving policy are to improve the quality of life and health, and promote education and youth development. PKN ORLEN and other Group companies engage in charitable activities independently or through the corporate ORLEN – Dar Serca Foundation. ANWIL brings new quality to local community outreach projects through the ANWIL dla Włocławka Foundation established in 2014, which provides grants to NGOs operating in Włocławek.

Beneficiaries receive aid for social purposes and to finance projects improving safety and enhancing health protection. Another important objective adopted in the CSR Strategy relates to the selection of locations for investment projects and ongoing dialogue. An excellent example of corporate citizenship is ORLEN Upstream, which since 2010, i.e. since the commencement of field work, has been involved in social initiatives implemented in the locations the company operates in. It supports local communities, primarily in terms of education, including environmental and physical education, and promoting an active lifestyle. In parallel to its operating activities, ORLEN Upstream engages in the life of local communities residing in the immediate neighbourhood of its investment projects. It supports local sports organisations, educational and social projects, as well as projects promoting pro-environmental attitudes.

A noteworthy manifestation of our involvement in the life of local communities is social sponsorship. Just as in the previous years, in 2015 this activity was concentrated on selected areas, such as promoting the art of cinematography, literature, and supporting prestigious music projects. We also teamed up with the Integration Association to conduct an audit of our service stations with respect to their accessibility to the disabled.

Leveraging our potential as an industry expert, we implemented a range of educational initiatives. For example, PKN ORLEN was the sponsor of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Chemistry Competition and the latest edition of the Chemistry Olympics. We continued cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology in organising a series of conferences and seminars, and financed the purchase of state-of-the-art educational and lab equipment. We also established a relationship with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology to support the Faculty’s student clubs.

Due to the nature of the ORLEN Group’s industry, we actively engage in events and initiatives related to road traffic safety. We completed another edition of the ORLEN Safe Roads programme. In 2015, it was run in collaboration with the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom under the slogan ‘Foot off the Pedal’.

PKN ORLEN attaches particular importance to projects addressed to the local community of Płock. Our activity in this respect is based on projects focused on selected thematic areas. Some notable examples are the initiatives carried out as part of the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation, which supports innovative projects of local NGOs and individuals.

PKN ORLEN has been consistently building its image through sports sponsorship. In Płock and the Płock area, it supports professional sports as the sponsor of the ORLEN Wisła Płock handball team and holds naming rights for the ORLEN Arena Sports Hall. The Company also sponsored the ORLEN Cup Athletics Meeting, and subsidises projects geared towards promoting amateur sports and a healthy lifestyle. These included support provided to the organisers of the ORLEN Handball Mini League, a handball tournament for students from Płock and the neighbouring area, the Płock Two-Bridge Half Marathon, and the Krzysztof Zyber Run. PKN ORLEN is also the sponsor of the Płock Rowing Association.

With a view to improving healthcare in Płock, we provided assistance to the Provincial General Hospital and the Holy Trinity Hospital.

In the area of education, we supported yet another edition of the ‘I have an above average passion’ scholarship programme for children in junior high schools and secondary schools in the city of Płock and the County of Płock.

We also pursued projects addressed to the inhabitants of other regions which we deem significant to PKN ORLEN’s operations, for instance by supporting activities of the Good Neighbourhood Grant Fund for Ostrów Wielkopolski Association. Another notable example is the charitable activity of ORLEN Południe in the Rzeszów Province, whose beneficiaries included a children’s home, a sports club and NGOs.

The ORLEN – Dar Serca Foundation, operating since 2001, plays an important role in the Company’s social activities. A project pursued since its inception is comprehensive care over Family Group Homes throughout Poland, which involves over 300 facilities receiving regular support. Children from such homes are offered scholarships, their managers receive support in developing their competences, and entire families go on summer and winter holidays financed by the Foundation. The Foundation also offers a wide range of scholarship programmes and actively works towards improving safety. Its Fire Service assistance programme run in cooperation with the sponsor, PKN ORLEN, and ORLEN Upstream and ANWIL, enjoys immense popularity.

e) Participation in the public debate

For more than ten years, social expectations towards companies have been increasing. One example of this trend is the growing expectation that businesses will engage in finding solutions supporting social and economic development in the broad sense, also through an active participation in the public debate. Thanks to the scale of its operations and extensive experience gathered on many international markets, the ORLEN Group comfortably welcomes these trends and actively rises to the challenges they entail.

We have continued our proprietary platform for communicating and discussing the most important social, economic and political issues – Future Fuelled by Knowledge. The overarching goal of this project is to trigger transfer of knowledge, indicate possible courses of action and specific solutions to complex problems. We pursue these goals by such initiatives as organising conferences and panel discussions on various subjects, and publishing comprehensive expert reports, which we prepare together with renowned research institutes. Last year, PLN ORLEN co-organised debates held as part of the European Forum for New Ideas, European Financial Congress in Sopot, Economic Forum in Krynica, and Civic Congress, to name a few. As a company with immense know-how in energy and raw materials, we also initiate discussions concerning the future and challenges facing our industry, create scenarios for building its competitiveness on the global market, and analyse threats to energy security of the entire CEE region.

Conclusions formulated during the above events, the most important expert opinions and summaries are presented on the Future Fuelled by Knowledge website ( The website publishes comprehensive analytical reports on crucial issues and challenges in the industry. One example is the report issued in 2015 entitled ‘The European Energy Union − a compromise for growth and good energy‘ which provides an analysis of the current situation and overview of the conditions Europe must satisfy to ensure energy security of its citizens.

An important element of the Future Fuelled by Knowledge project is the blog of Mr Adam Czyżewski, PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist. Using this channel, the Company’s expert explains, in an easy to understand manner, complex macroeconomic processes and how they affect our daily lives, fuel prices, stability of the economy, and the growth of the energy sector.

To reach a broader audience with its communication concerning the Company and its activities as part of Future Fuelled by Knowledge, the ORLEN Group has also been active on Twitter. The corporate profile allows the Company to comment on major economic and industry developments in real-time, as well as share information on day-to-day operations of the ORLEN Group.

f) Promoting sports and healthy living

Initiatives promoting sports and healthy living have long been the keystone of our CSR activities. In addition to sponsoring world-class professionals, the ORLEN Group organises large public events for amateurs and sports enthusiasts, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among the general public.

We pay particular attention to the disciplines which invoke positive emotions and reflect the value of ORLEN Group brands – athletics, volleyball and motorsports.

The Company was the initiator of the ORLEN Sports Group, gathering the best Polish athletes and medallists of the Olympic Games and the World and European Championships, including Tomasz Majewski, Piotr Małachowski, Anita Włodarczyk, Paweł Fajdek, Adam Kszczot, Marcin Lewandowski and Henryk Szost. We also cooperate with the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Athletics Federation, and support Polish volleyball, the second most popular sport among viewers in Poland. In 2015, PKN ORLEN, as the main sponsor, supported the women’s and men’s national volleyball teams, which allowed us to maintain a presence during the most important events on the volleyball fixture list, both domestically and internationally.

The ORLEN Team, created in 2000, has participated in each edition of the Dakar rally for the last 16 years. The experience gained during cross-country rallies is conveyed to the younger generations as part of the ORLEN Team Academy.

We are the organiser of the largest running event in Poland, the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, held under the National Running Day slogan, addressed to professionals, amateurs and entire families alike. The event debuted in 2013 and since its first edition it has comprised three main runs: a marathon, a 10 kilometre run, and a charity run.

PKN ORLEN is also the organiser of such proprietary projects as the ‘Poles with Verve’ poll (designed to promote the most talented Poles and their achievements), and Verva Street Racing, an annual motor sports event.

The ORLEN Group is involved in promoting sports among children and teenagers, thus giving expression to our social responsibility and care for the steady improvement of the health and fitness of Poles, especially teenagers. The most notable among projects addressed to the youngest are ‘Athletics Thursdays’, ‘Athletics for Everyone’, which is an innovative specialised programme, ‘Class with a Master’ organised with the participation of athletes from the ORLEN Sports Group, and the proprietary ‘ORLEN Team Academy’ programme, addressed to talented motocross riders.

Through charity sports campaigns we develop empathy and social conscience by rallying employees around important social goals, such as the charity run as part of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. We also encourage our customers to lead a healthy lifestyle through our ‘I know what I eat’ programme of informed consumption of food at ORLEN service stations, and promote a healthy lifestyle among children and adults. Through the unique ORLEN Olympic Games, each year during two-day sports competitions thousands of ORLEN Group employees are given a chance to spend time together and compete in a healthy, sportsmanlike atmosphere.

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