Summary of CSR strategy implementation in 2015

In 2015, PKN ORLEN launched its CSR Strategy for 2015−2017, which states that value growth should be aligned with the interests of external stakeholders and rely on sustainable and responsible use of resources. In practice, this translates to incorporating corporate social responsibility principles into the process of planning business activities.

By defining measurable CSR objectives, we are able to analyse and assess the outcomes of these activities for the Company and its environment. Based on the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN ‘, the Strategy also seeks to motivate employees to look for new ideas and innovative solutions. While supporting business, it builds a sense of shared responsibility for implementing CSR objectives within the organisation and promotes the idea of responsibility and stakeholder engagement. The Strategy is implemented across three areas:

  • Organisation, where the key goal is to build lasting relations with employees based on diversity, sense of security, development opportunities, as well as combining social and professional roles. Our efforts in this area are focused on enhancing employee security, development and diversity management, and maintaining work-life balance.
  • Immediate environment, where priority is given to developing social conscience and responsibility in our trading partners and customers through sharing best practices and knowledge, and implementing the highest CSR standards. Our activities in this area are centred around building the image of a responsible company, pursuing social outreach projects, promoting CSR concepts among stakeholders and encouraging their responsibility.
  • Distant environment, where PKN ORLEN aspires to implement its strategy, promote innovation and set top industry standards in business ethics and environmental protection. Our projects are designed to grow new business areas, ensure that investment projects are carried out in a responsible manner, and set and promote ethical standards in business.

The implementation of the CSR Strategy is proceeding as planned. At PKN ORLEN, 16 coordinators oversee 55 projects outlined in the Strategy and the ORLEN Group is implementing 488 activities relating to CSR. Their timely completion is monitored by 27 coordinators. The PKN ORLEN Management Board and the Supervisory Board’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee periodically review the progress of the Strategy. Key elements for the Strategy’s success are full implementation of the adopted initiatives, educating and inspiring employees, and fostering a sense of responsibility for the impact the Company’s activities and decisions have on the environment.

The document is available on the website, in the “CSR“ section.

The CSR Strategy and the projects implemented within its framework are a logical consequence and continuation of the actions undertaken by the ORLEN Group in furtherance of social goals. 2003, when PKN ORLEN joined Global Compact, an initiative launched by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, was an important year in our CSR pursuits. By joining Global Compact we declared our readiness to embrace the nine (later ten) fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption. Signing of the declaration was tantamount to a public commitment to respect these principles and to subject ourselves to public scrutiny. It was also another step in advancing our CSR policy goals.

The Company’s CSR activities also take into account the pillars of the ‘PKN ORLEN Charitable Giving Policy‘, which include the improvement of the quality of life and health and promotion of education and youth development. The Company not only initiates and carries out charity activities, but also participates in such initiatives as a partner. An important role in that area is played by the ORLEN Dar Serca Foundation, which was established in 2001 to fulfil the social responsibility mission of its founder, PKN ORLEN. Drawing on PKN ORLEN’s know-how, the Group companies implement their own charitable giving policies adjusting them to their own needs and expectations of stakeholders. However, the priorities specified by PKN ORLEN are in each case maintained.

Another important aspect is disclosing information on CSR initiatives. PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Group companies provide such information on their websites, which often include dedicated CSR sections.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to individual areas of the CSR Strategy


Number of ongoing CSR projects

  • ORLEN Olympics – 13 000 employees took part in the competition
  • Implementation of the safety culture indicator at the Company – guidelines concerning reporting inputs by the ORLEN Group companies and the method of calculating the safety culture indicator at the Company
  • Engagement of trade unions in communication between the employer and employees to consult employee-oriented projects, discuss the needs voiced by employees, and improve the level of creativity and innovativeness:
    • 51 meetings were held
    • 21 projects/initiatives were discussed


  • 250 new baby changing stations at ORLEN service stations
  • 138 fire brigades received funding for safety related activities
  • Implementation of integrated reporting
  • CSR as part of the supply chain
  • Promotion and communication of ORLEN values among employees of ORLEN service stations
  • Supplying tools and solutions for service station operators and franchise partners to conduct their business in line with the principles of the CSR Strategy
  • Preparation and implementation of the Marketing Code, which takes into account CSR values
  • Development of communication principles and promotion of pro-environmental attitudes among customers at service stations and during operation of vehicles
  • Monitoring of environmental impact of ongoing and future business activities of PKN ORLEN and reliable communication with external partners in that area
  • Use of the potential offered by the sales network to support CSR activities


  • Maintaining the prestigious title of The World’s Most Ethical Company
  • Panel discussions organised by PKN ORLEN: European Financial Congress, European Executive Forum, We Fuel the Future Forum, 25th Economic Forum in Krynica
  • Achievement of business objectives with respect for the environment
  • Management of strategic risks
  • Responsible selection of locations for investments, continuous dialogue with local communities
  • Development of a standard for socially responsible investing
  • Investment in human capital, promotion of solutions conducive to ethical conduct
  • Building an approach to strategic creation by the Company of a Europe-wide public debate on key future civilisation and business changes and to knowledge sharing Future Fuelled by Knowledge

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