Natural Capital

The ORLEN Group uses renewable and non-renewable natural resources in its business. All our activities are carried out in a responsible manner, with due consideration to the effects of current and future environmental impacts.

  • We have crude oil and natural gas (2P) reserves in Poland and Canada − ca. 97 MMBOE
Main production assets in the ORLEN Group: Poland
Main production assets in the ORLEN Group: Canada
  • In Canada, our production assets are located on more than 465 thousand ha of land, mainly in Alberta (partners’ interests included; as at May 2016)
Production assets in Canada
  • In Poland, our production assets are located on approximately 1.9m ha of land (partners’ interests included; as at May 2016)
Assets in Poland
Source: In-house analysis.
1) Commercial production from the Płotki project (100% gas).
  • Resources used in production processes: renewable − air, water, esters, bioethanol; non-renewable − crude oil, natural gas, auxiliary chemicals
  • Committed to environmental sustainability, we take measures to reduce air emissions and ensure effective waste management and water/sewage management
  • The production plants of the ORLEN Group in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania are located on more than 1.7m ha of land
  • The ORLEN Group’s spending on environmental protection projects in 2015: EUR 76.8m

Selected air emissions [MG]

  Amount of emissions [mg]
Substance 2014 2015 Change [%]
Carbon dioxide 13 089 877 13 673 219 4.46
Sulfur dioxide 32 264 34 265 6.20
NOx 14 121 11 982 -15.15
Carbon monoxide 5 636 4 221 -25.11
Particle emissions 2 026 1 923 -5.08
Total 13 143 924 13 725 610 4.43

Data for the ORLEN Group

Effluents discharged in 2014−2015 [m3]

  Amount of effluents discharged to the environment [m3]
Type of effluent 2014 2015 Change [%]
Industrial effluents 42 046 900 43 741 219 4.03
Other 12 300 481 10 172 418 -17.30
Total 54 347 381 53 913 637 -0.80

Data for the ORLEN Group

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